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Uses This

There is a sort of common page that some blogs and personal sites have called “uses-this”, which is effectively a list of things the site owner uses. I thought I’d do the same, it’s sort of interesting. I believe, but am not certain, that it originates with the uses-this website which is a collection of interviews with various experts in various fields. This page should be considered a perpetual work-in-progress, I’ll update or add to it over time as I think of thing things I use or as things I use change.

So, without further ado…


My office is where I work, both my day-job and any computer related personal work.

Hardware-wise I use:

  • 2001 MacBook Pro M1 w/ 32 GB RAM. Not much to say here really, I don’t have a personal computer I use too much, I just use whatever laptop work gives me. I did have, technically still do have it, a Thinkpad but it died.

  • ErgoDox EZ keyboard. I am currently using my ErgoDox as if it were a Corne v3, so 6x3 with three keys per thumb cluster. I might change this up but for the time I’m happy. I use homerow mods and a number of layers.

  • CST 2145 trackball mouse. This has the option to add two extra buttons but I have not added them, so just the three button default config.

  • I’m not going to list both monitors. One is an old Dell I use in portrait mode and the other is a widescreen LG. Nothing fancy, both just work issued items.

Software-wise I use:

  • Emacs for my editor

  • Firefox for my browser, with the Bitwarden and uBlock Origin extensions.

  • Wezterm for my terminal

  • Gimp for editing images

That’s really about it for software. Emacs is basically an OS, so most things are in Emacs. I use Slack, Discord, Teams, but I’m not sure those really ought to even count…