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flowery border with man falling

I have two major shortcomings that I am working to resolve with orgmode’s default org-publish:

  1. attachments do not work out of the gate

  2. it doesn’t get me closer to the ox-huge workflow of one blog.org file

I have looked at some other potential options for my blog. NextJS is fine, I like it even, but I worked on refactoring to Chakra-UI and it’s annoying that it still isn’t really working right. The problem currently is that this other package I need called Prose has it’s own default theme settings and so everything is wonky. I guess I can get that working, but… I don’t know. I looked at the orgmode default export and it’s not bad. With a little CSS love it’s actually pretty good looking! There are some hacks I could use to make it better. Some people are doing some pretty cool and crazy stuff with their org-publish.