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flowery border with man falling
flowery border with man falling

As you can see this site is a serious WIP. But it’s coming along, nonetheless — and dare I say it, is actually useable. Few tasks I’d like to get done next include:

TODO RSS feed(s)

DONE Start rudimentary display of `/grok` — aka the knowledge base

TODO Programmigcally display projects under `/project` based on GitHub and GitLab starred projects

TODO Add a section for my JS and love.js games so they can all be played/explored from this site

TODO Better logo/branding/header thing and a favicon that isn’t the NextJS default

TODO Book review index as a gallery of book covers

TODO Typography improvements including a better font, better colors, and automatically swap quotes and dashes for the appropriate curly quote or emdash, etc.

I’d also really love to figure out a way to incorporate Git commits into each post/review/etc. Basically figure out when the document was added in Git and that would stand in as my `date` and then figure out last modified date/time and add that as well. And speaking of time… the time values are wrong, I will need to investigate what is up with the `date-fns` library I’m using.